A selection of essays I wrote in my late teens and early twenties that I found interesting enough to post here. These articles deal with the same themes as the ones posted elsewhere: philosophy, identity, culture, intelligence, learning, religion, sociology and politics. You can probably see how my views have evolved over the past thirteen to fourteen years, especially with regard to disability and culture. I think the core of my views is the same: I’m still a reasonably left-wing individualist who advocates for human rights and political equity, believes firmly in recognising people’s differences while also affirming their intrinsic humanity, and values critical thinking, thoughtful analysis and intuition.

Obligatory content notice: Since these are older articles written between 2004-2006, some of the language I use in them may be potentially offensive, usually out of ignorance.


Education, parenting and change for tomorrow (late 2004, minor edits in 2018). An essay listing ideas for educational reform, including individualised instruction, abandoning zero-tolerance policies and encouraging youth to take ownership of their education.

Why I am not a Christian (mid-2004, edited in 2006 and 2018). My intellectual and personal rationale for having left the Christian faith.

Communication Filters (early 2005, minor edits in 2006 and 2018). An explanatory framework for people’s inability to understand each other’s world-views if they come from drastically different backgrounds.

Family relationships and moral reasoning (mid-2006). A brief essay about tensions between members of families that use different kinds of moral reasoning to guide their lives.

Craft versus art (started in mid-2004; completed in mid-2006). A brief essay about the distinction between art and craft.

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