Intelligence and learning

Articles about intelligence and learning. I believe people vary in their ability to learn, reason abstractly and identify patterns, that people whose abilities vary significantly from typically developing people need specialised instruction adapted to their needs, and that those differences can sometimes cause feelings of asynchrony or displacement. I also believe that people have intrinsic worth regardless of how intelligent they are.


The case for qualitative measurement of intelligence (25 March 2018). An essay arguing for systematic qualitative assessments to be used in conjunction with, or in lieu of, traditional IQ testing, especially for disabled people.

The wall and the asymptote (28 March 2018). An essay on the communication difficulties people can encounter if their intelligence makes them neurodivergent relative to the general population.

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Intelligence exists, but it's more complicated than you think (21 March 2018). An entry defining what intelligence is, the problems with current ways of measuring the qualities that represent intelligent behaviour, and the dark history of intelligence testing.