Academic writing

Articles I’ve written for various academic classes, both at the undergraduate and master's level. My studies were in public policy, LGBTQ studies and sociology; therefore, most of these essays will be about one of these three topics, with a few exceptions.

Articles and briefs

Fostering Brilliance: Systematising Gifted and Talented Education in Massachusetts (PDF, 22 April 2018). A policy brief about creating a systematic, effective and inclusive gifted-education system in the state of Massachusetts. Capstone/thesis written for my Master of Public Policy degree. I also have a PDF of my presentation slides.

Full Circle: How the United Kingdom exported and imported American social welfare policy (PDF, 25 April 2018). An essay about how the United Kingdom both imported and exported American social policy. Written for Bob Kuttner’s Political Economy and American Welfare State class at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

Gentrification and Cultural Homogeneity in Davis Square (20 June 2014). A qualitative research project on gentrification and cultural homogeneity in a square in a diverse New England city. Written for Qualitative Research Methods at Tufts University.